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Let’s not forget

taxpayer screwedLiberals have been rotating a sharp-pointed metal pin with a raised helical thread within BC Hydro and ICBC but they began with BC Rail and BC Ferries.

Lately, I’ve written mostly about BC Hydro but you should spend time reading linked articles about those other crown corporations. The record of Liberal incompetence and malfeasance is clear.

I also wish to draw attention to outstanding analyses of ICBC by Richard McCandless. Andrew MacLeod of The Tyee described a person who deserves our close attention:

McCandless worked in the B.C. government for 35 years, many of them in positions with administrative and financial planning responsibilities, the last 11 as an assistant deputy minister. His roles included managing court services and access to information.


ICBC Fact Check Crombie 9 March 2017

ICBC FACT CHECK Fraud 9 March 2017

Richard provides these documents to corporate media, but they are little interested in reporting government criticism, even when it it indisputably correct.

It is up to alternative media and ordinary citizens to present factual information to the public. This is a critical task over the next eight weeks.

If voters are informed, they will kick Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and friends to the curb.

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  1. In my opinion the MSM’s job is to ensure the B.C. Lieberals remain in office so they can continue to be rewarded. Wonder how much all those ads from the Provincial government/B.C Lieberals are cost us, the taxpayers, and how much is it making the MSM. You can in one commercial break get a jobs B.C. ad and then an anti John Horgan ad. Nice work. must mean those t.v. stations really care about the B.C. Lieberals. wonder how much money they’ve received. At some point some one with some ethics might object to all the expense of this, given there isn’t enough money in the kitty to pay for the bus passes of the disabled.

    Alberta just hired 50 new prosecuters, in B.C. not so much so we will continue to have criminals or alleged criminals not even make it to trial. In the mean time there are billions being wasted at B.C. Hydro, ICBC, B.C. ferries, etc.

    the money this woman and her party have spent partying like there was no tomorrow, could have paid for more than a few re hab centres or extra nurses and doctors, etc.

    If the public knew, what would they do? Would they get upset and toss the bums out of office, or would they buy into the next round of commericals and all those jobs, jobs, jobs which are never going to come?

    The best money spent by a corporations is by giving it to the B.C. Lieberals. Some have gone on to be awarded such wonderful long term contracts. The kids in care, well more of them can die, they don’t vote.


  2. The theme running through the last 15 years of BC Liberal government: the quasi or outright privatization of crown corporations, BC Hydro, BC Rail, BC Ferries.

    The role of publicly-owned crown corporations used to be to benefit the public. Apparently not any more.


    • You meant usurping of democracy for private gain and it isn’t a crime. As in handing out letters of mark by the State to privateers to plunder another. Original version of capitalism?


  3. Hi, just wondering if there are registered lobbyists from the private insurance corporations? Also, are there names associated to private Insurance on donation lists? Just thoughts. Thanks


  4. Hello Norm: The Victoria media are making fun of Christy:

    “Enough already. It’s mid-March and we’re still talking about blizzards.
    Not snow. Politics.
    It’s unrelenting in the lead up to the May 9 election, good-news government announcements falling from the sky. Every day they come down, piling up knee-deep in the driveway and plugging the downspouts until the rhetoric overflows the gutters and floods the crawlspace.

    OK, as big splashes go, it was more mud puddle than Seaworld.

    It was as though every ministry in the government had suddenly discovered the “send” button on the press release machine.


    Meanwhile, the government is defending in the house its crackdown on puppy mills against all critics. Which is easy, because there aren’t any. The one point of unanimity this season is that all MLAs want kittens and puppies to be raised properly.

    The legislature is expected to shut down Thursday.

    The real political manoeuvring begins then, and the parties will go into it with lots of practice.”

    – See more at: http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/columnists/les-leyne-political-scheming-goes-into-overdrive-1.11514588#sthash.OHKYCy01.dpuf



  5. Ever since Gordon Campbell was elected, the BC Liberal goal is to deconstruct BC, sell off assets to political friends and make the people chattels of multinational corporations. This is what Trump is doing in the USA today.

    By doing so, the Liberals have made many shady friends, including SNC Lavalin (which is utterly corrupt), major drug dealers (by allowing casinos to launder money) and local sleaze bags. The Liberal mind set is: 1) if you have money, you can do what you want; 2) if you are rich, you are an elite and be treated as such; 3) those who have the most toys when they die, wins.

    In order to continue in power, they must further tax the poor and give the wealthy massive tax breaks; the Liberals must create multi billion mega projects (the Massey Tunnel replacement bridge) in order to reward political friends (the cement manufacturers, Kliewit and SNC).

    Money is not spent on the public good unless there is no other choice.

    To back the Liberals, the mainstream media have been corrupted to such a point that they have become nothing more than meaningless shills, spooning out the latest government propaganda as if it were real news. The line between the BC Liberals and the MSM is nonexistent, as one is the same as the other.

    The BC Liberals have ceased to be government, instead they have become a vast criminal enterprise, where those who have money and are willing to pay, get to play, so to speak; Abetted of course by the mainstream media and the federal Liberals as well.


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