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Hypocrisy part 2

Many readers enjoyed the Christy Clark video in Hypocrite! and found it revealing, particularly as Clark’s Government was spending millions of tax dollars to flood social, print and broadcast media with campaign promises and Liberal promotions.

On March 31, CKWX News 1130 reported:

The BC NDP says the provincial government is spending tax dollars on partisan advertisements, and it wants the Liberal party to give the money back.

NDP candidate for Coquitlam-Maillardville Selina Robinson says the government is using the public’s money to advertise its proposed MSP reduction plan.

“The budget has not passed, so it’s not a real thing and it’s really an election platform piece,” Robinson says. “And they’re promoting this MSP idea that they have floated that doesn’t start until 2018. Why would you have to advertise a program that hasn’t even started?”

The NDP says the government has spent $15 million on what they call inappropriate advertisements and it wants the Liberal Party to repay the money and put it towards BC Hydro to keep rates from going up…

Here is another taste of Ms. Clark.


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  1. We can’t give up hope. Ms. Clark and company must be defeated for the benefit of future generations. We’re merely caretakers of this planet. Our offspring deserve better than what Clark has planned for them and our environment. If there is a more corrupt politician than Christy in Canada…I wouldn’t know who that would be.


  2. Photo-op & co. seem to know something, we don’t and are spending vast sums of money to promote themselves in the upcoming election.

    Their political friends in Postmedia and Dead dog ’98 are using the meme that “yes the BC Liberals have been naughty, but the NDP have been naughty too, remember those FastFerries?

    Here is the problem for the Liberals, they have now been branded as “corrupt” in the social media and it is sticking. Very few watch TV news anymore because it is no longer news, rather it is an infomercial and “Dead Dog” 98, not only are they dropping listeners, the radio station is almost impossible to listen too has it has become a a parody of talk radio.

    We have voters who are approaching 30, in this province who do not even know what a fast ferry is, but they do know that the government is a tad short of the truth on many issues. Jobs and housing are for most, beyond reach, and to their dismay, there education has been piss poor all under the watch of the Liberals.

    Because the Liberals took “civic” out of the learning process, the only way our now nihilistic generation now dubbed the”lost generation”, short of nuclear war, is to vote anyone but Liberal.

    Photo-op’s smiling face reminds of “Big Brother” in 1984.

    Our real problem is how many of the “lost generation” will vote as many have given up and now reside in a drug induced ennui, waiting until it is all over.

    Campbell’s Liberals and their new age Fascism has scared our province and I think the time in near for retribution.


    • Re the Fast Ferries for those too young to recall. (I was working out of the Country so someone might have to verify my short history)
      1. BC needed to upgrade the Ferry Fleet
      2. Glen Clark (NDP Premier of the day) decided to upgrade our shipbuilding industry whilst providing full time jobs and new ferries.
      3. He chose a revolutionary?, aluminum catamaran design that would have solved the problem except some agency kyboshed the proposed route which caused problems on the new route. Also the (3) ships exceeded the budget by a couple of hundred thousand dollars.
      4. The industry and the ships were aborted by the incoming Gordon Campbell Liberals
      5. To add insult to the injury, Campbell had the 3 ships auctioned off for pennies on the dollar ($19 million) which MAY have included the shipyards’
      6. Site C is likely to exceed the budget by more than a couple hundred Gs

      Please feel free to amend the foregoing, anyone.


  3. Christy Clark spent 11 Million dollars on a Bollywood party and voters reacted by electing her as Premier. Gordon Campbell spent a night in jail on a DUI and voters reacted by re-electing him. Voters in BC are either the most forgiving bunch in history or just plain stupid. Talk to voters about the scandal riddled Libs and the reply is always the same….. ” Fast Ferries “.
    BC voters are the most uneducated when it comes to politics and most of the blame is on the MSM that never reports the real stories like bloggers do.
    Look at the info by you Norm. Bob Mackin with what was once earth shattering news on the MSM, Grant, RososK, Merv, Laila etc. The information that bloggers have written about should have never been avoided by the big MSM. I have no feelings about the latest round of layoffs with reporters at the Sun or elsewhere who have become a bunch of lazy stenographers for the Liberal party and too ashamed to pick up some of the stories bloggers have released.
    Having said all that when a Premier can convince voters that’s it’s okay for a taxpayer paid public servant to work on her campaign and that TV ads are necessary to inform taxpayers, then that’s just more evidence that voters are brainwashed. Inside all government offices it’s totally against policy to talk about the election. But if I was a public servant and an NDP or Green supporter I would have no problem wearing my allegiance….. because CC say’s it’s okay.
    The BC Liberals have wasted hundreds of millions over 16 years, enough to build a dozen Fast Ferries, but nobody really cares ( most voters that is ). Someone has to come up with a great catch phrase that spells that out in a much easier way for uneducated voters to grasp.
    Yes Norm, CC is the biggest hypocrite in BC politics, and yet the Liberals can still manage to attract supporters at election events. Go figure.

    Guy in Victoria


    • FastFerry program started under the Social Credit regime, when they planned a shorter and faster car only route to Vancouver Island, via Iona island and Gabriola Island. The plan would also eliminate the Gabriola Ferry.

      By the time the NDP were in power, the plans for the Catamaran Ferries was complete but political unrest by the Gabriola islanders scuttled the plan.

      Instead the NDP bought land from another NDP’er at Duke Point and created the “Mid Island Express” Which was an hour longer trip than the 45 minute Gabriola/Iona island route.

      The Catamaran Ferries were then redesigned with a 80 ton bow doors for work on the Horseshoe Bay to Nanimo; Tsawwassen SwartzBay/Duke Point runs.

      Those 80 ton bow doors destroyed the cost effectiveness of the Catamarans but the NDP had spent to much political cred on them to do anything.

      Now much heavier and carrying commercial traffic, made the boats uneconomical to operate.

      The former Social Credit Party, now the BC Liberals crucified the NDP for the ‘FastCats’ even though they inherited the mess. Clark got lost in the NDP’s jobs, jobs, jobs, soft shoe routine and didn’t have the “balls” to cancel the boats.

      The same thing happened to he Broadway Lougheed R/T project where Bombardier and SNC Lavalin bribed Clark with the promises of a SkyTrain fabrication plant, providing jobs, jobs, jobs, if they switch from LRT to SkyTrain.

      The problem with the NDP, they just do not know when to cut and run, Like the proposed $3 Billion Broadway subway and the $2.5 billion Surrey LRT, both very badly planned and both very expensive for what they will do.


  4. fast ferries??!! i’m more concerned about the 800+ people that the ndp allowed to be imprisoned at clayoquot. and that they’re also receiving corporate contributions from big oil. and that the liberals and green party seem to have some friendly connection …. if only there were a clearly viable alternative to this mess we’re in.


    • In some respects, Clayoquot resistance was a victory for the environment as our society continued the turn away from slash and burn old growth clear cutting to more sustainable forest practices.

      We should admire the protesters for standing up to powerful resource exploiters and recognize their willingness to give a collective finger to the courts that punished them was a successful tactic, forcing citizens and politicians to reexamine forestry issues.

      Unfortunately, in more recent times, resource exploiters discovered that owning a government allowed them to do business with little scrutiny. For a few million deposited in Liberal accounts, Teck Resources, Murray Edwards’ Imperial Metals (Red Chris and Mount Polley) and numerous private power producers are allowed to visit wholesale destruction on the landscape. The Ministry of Environment is not a monitor, it is a promoter of exploitation.

      Read through this website and discover the lands are still not safe:

      Where are the 21st century protesters willing to risk jail to focus public attention on environmental issues?


  5. To the low information voters in BC .
    BClibs drove up BC debt 32 billion dollars to 68 billion dollars from 2001-2017 so f the f ferries.


  6. There is a meme going around by the apparently growing desperate Liberals that the NDP are just as bad as the Liberals.

    It seems the Liberals are firing blanks or shooting themselves in the foot because, if one tracks the polls, BC Liberal Lite, otherwise known as the Greens are siphoning votes off of Christi’s gang of ne’er do wells.

    Most die hard Liberals I know (and the list gets fewer and fewer), would be the type to vote for the American Trump, in fact many see BC as an appendage of the USA. All they care about is money, money, money.

    It seems those Liberals with a conscious are now looking at the Greens to park their vote as Clark has too many Albatrosses around her neck. One hates to vote for a political party of “child killers”, which the Liberals are know as.

    It is simple monikers like this and not debt numbers that may do in Clark.

    Only if the NDP had the backbone to go for the jugular!


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