Clark, Christy

Hypocristy, part 3

This woman has no shame. If you asked her on Monday for the day of the week, she would tell you it was Thursday. She’s incapable of giving a straight answer.

In case Ms. Clark’s video disappears from YouTube, this is the audio track:


She’s leaving our children and their children with an immense financial burden and tells lies while doing it.

Vote anybody but Clark. But first follow the satisfying satire from A J Henderson:


Also see:

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  1. Since it’s very unlikely any moderator of the upcoming debates will work this quote into a debate question juxtaposed with the facts, Mr. Horgan should put a great deal of thought into how to do it.


  2. Ms. Clark is now believing her own rhetoric? Very sad. It’s time to take the electorate of BC seriously. Corporate interests have had their day in the Clark limelight.


  3. i hope Christy is called on her blatant and obvious lies unlike the last election with debt free BC garbage. How can someone lie with such a straight face? She must be hollow inside . Controlling government spending …. really Christy? She knows that people keep track of reality right?


  4. Actually a lot of people in this province don’t keep track of reality. They voted for C.C. and the B.C. Lieberals last time. We’d already seen a lot of b.s. from the B.C. Lieberals including the HST, the selling off of B.C. Rail; the trial that followed; the stupid/smart meters which cost B.C. a billion. Tolls were placed on bridges used by people to get to work on the lower mainland but no toll on the Highway to whistler or the Bennett bridge in Kelowna.

    Housing prices were already rising due to foreign investment but the b.c. lieberals did nothing to help the working people of this province.

    given the history of this province, I’d suggest C.C. and the B.C. Lieberals could be re-elected this time. doesn’t matter how many children die in care or in an E.R. people never think it will happen to them, until it does.


    • Total liabilities and contractual obligations disclosed in audited financial statements published in annual Public Accounts.


  5. From an article about Site C:

    “But when the Clean Energy Act passed, Campbell announced that Site C was again being considered — only this time without BCUC oversight.

    Instead, Site C was to be reviewed by an independent Joint Review Panel, appointed by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office to consider the environmental impact. The panel was also asked to review concerns from the First Nations and the economics of the project, but lacked time and staff to evaluate these issues. A BCUC review could have been far more comprehensive.”


  6. Christy Clark is the ultimate in Deception. She will not win her seat in West Kelowna.
    She was the unelected Premier who dragged a Liberal member off her bus, (much like the United Airlines passenger) just so that she could have a seat.

    When she asks the NDP, “How they are going to pay for their Promises?”
    John Horgan should promise the public that he will expose her deferral accounts, taking BC’s debt from $30 Billion to $$70 Billion in just 4 years. The actual hidden debt is likely $150 Billion.

    She should never have allowed foreign enterprises to finance her campaign and will leave the Liberal Party in debt and disgraced, when she disappears.

    I used to have faith in the BC Liberals but will choose any other Party until she is long gone. She is self indulgent, defensive and lacks empathy. The silence of the Liberal MLA’s speaks of their embarrassment.

    May 9th, is a Time for Change.


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