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  1. HER PAST BEHAVIOUR would make many criminals look like Saints. She has that disgusting Smirk on her face when she responds to any challenging questions.
    Everything is a put-down. Then the Outright Lies about her knowledge of the Healthcare firings. How could she not know.

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  2. I used to tune in to the “Live Stream” proceedings at the Leg…specifically, “Question Period.” I eventually stopped for one reason. When Clark was called upon to defend a position she used the time allotted to practice her Liberal commercials…and did not answer the questions directed to her. In addition, her blatant disdain for the public’s right to know was on display for all to see. On occasion visiting students were able to see how the real Clark operates. I hope none of them ever try to emulate her demeanor or her actions.


  3. First let me say that polls are not the best barometer of voting intentions. They’ve been proven wrong and at the same time, they’ve proven right. Unpredictable at best.
    Having said that I was a bit shocked at a recent poll published in “Business in Vancouver” today.
    While Clark’s approval rating has dropped ( no surprise there ), John Horgan has lost a couple of percentage points and Weaver is now ahead of Clark, while Horgan retains top spot.
    What is most shocking is this ” Clark was top choice to tackle the economy and jobs. “. So the question is ?, Are the ones polled out to lunch or is the millions in advertising sinking in ? And if so are voters that gullible ?
    I always have to keep in mind that some of these voters are likely the same bunch that re-elected a drunken & convicted Premier.


  4. One might vote Green to fulfil the instruction—and that might just re-elect a BC Liberal government.

    We still use the single-member-plurality electoral system—or “first-past-the-post”—which means casting for the Greens in any given riding most likely will split the non-BC Liberal vote; let’s not pretend we have proportional representation when we don’t. Voting Green will not result in a share of at-large votes, nor likely in the election of a Green MLA. The NDP is the only party at this time and with the electoral system we have to work with that can replace the corrupt BC Liberals.

    Only the NDP can beat the BC Liberals.

    Voting Green will only help elect the party most antithetical to Green ethos—and to common, human decency and ethics.

    Thus an “Anybody-But-Christy” vote increases the odds of returning a government that has proved time and again it cannot be redeemed. First taking licence to sell the FastCat ferries for 15 cents-on-the-dollar, it graduated to relieving BC citizens of a billion-dollar railway after promising not to. Having gotten away with that, it lied again to ambush citizens with the HST. The licence to lie only grew by returning yet another BC Liberal government—despite the change of leader—under a bigger and more blatant platform of lies. By rewarding the BC Liberals with yet another mandate, we have virtually allowed the kettle of lies to boil over, now out of control—and, sadly, the licence we awarded has culminated in the most blatant lies about the most serious of outcomes: the government employer harassing, threatening and intimidating an innocent employee just beginning his career until he took his own life in despondency and fear.

    Loss of human life crosses a line. But the BC Liberals have taken advantage of every win to cross another unethical milestone. They haven’t missed a single opportunity to plumb the depths of immorality.

    The objective for ethically-minded citizens is to get rid of the BC Liberals, and the only way to do that is to vote NDP—let there be no mistake or confusion about that. Even if Christy lost her own seat, it would be a disaster to re-elect the BC Liberals without her. Even if the Greens managed a couple of seats, the BC Liberals would most probably retain their majority; but even if the most improbable happened and the Greens won the balance of power, there has been no indication that they would hold the BC Liberals to account. It’s pure conjecture, anyway, merely to illustrate the point that it’s not, it can’t be, an “ABC” election—the ONLY way to rid the worst government BC’s ever had, the one that just gets worse and worse with each new licence to lie and cheat that we’ve given it, is to avoid splitting the vote and cast for the NDP, the ONLY party that can beat the BC Liberals.

    The BC Liberals have already graduated to overseeing preventable deaths of poorly attended seniors-in-care, foster children, murdered and missing Aboriginal women and girls on the highway of tears, and now we can add public service employees. Who’s next? What new licence would they take if returned? Even with a minority…They haven’t failed to take as much licence as they can get, never.

    It simply has to be “Anybody-But-BC-Liberals-and-Greens”—or, put another way: “Only-the-NDP.”


  5. Do I want a better government? Of course we all do.

    The real questions are: do you want more dead children in this province?

    Do you want to die in the E.R. of your local hospital or do you want any one in this province to die in the E.R. of your local hospital.

    This province has had 8 children die in care. We recently had 4 people, one including a child die due to “death by hospital”. 3 of them in the Abbotsford hospital alone.

    so the question might be do you want to live or do you want to die because any one of us could be the person going into an E.R. and dying because we did not receive proper treatment or were forced to wait to long.

    its not about the economy. its not about the environment. its about do you want to live or die. do you want more children in care to die?


  6. e.a.f., the number was 120 children dying while under ministry care in 2016. Don’t let the BC Libs off easy on that file. (I know that isn’t your intention — but as Christy wants hers to be known as the “most transparent government” we need to help her out.)

    “One hundred and twenty children in care or receiving services from the B.C. government died last year, and more than 740 received “critical injuries,” according to a new tally by the children’s advocate.”



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