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  1. ‘ … But it’s close to humiliating to go cap-in-hand to the powers-that-be to ask them which words are allowed to come out of your mouth ….’

    Does anyone know to whom Christy Clark is referring to when she says “cap-in-hand to the powers-that-be”

    Miners, realtors, moguls, etc


  2. She sure changed things didn’t she? You can tell by all the diverse opinions coming out of the BC Liberal caucus on any given topic.

    Which would seem to indicate that the powers that be are still in place. And still donating.


  3. the powers that be???? well if Christy has powers that be or not to bee? oh it sounds like they’re pollinating or something or perhaps spreading fertilizer or is that bull shit?

    she’s the premier and she and her financial supporters run this province like its was their own personal little chequeing account which has left us the peasants and worker bees collectively in debt for at least $100B or whatever Norm’s chart says we’re in debt for. Ah, poor, poor Christy, but hey the girl will bounce back. saw her smiling and grinning this morning. she’ll be just fine. the rest of us, not so sure.


  4. Debt is growing rapidly. The only way to maintain that debt is if the economy grows every year, infinitely.
    Listen how often the govt talks about having to “grow the economy”.
    They’re desperate to grow the economy, every year, forever. Which is mathematically impossible.


  5. but Hugh they can “grow” their bank accounts and that is all they really care about. They just want people to think they will grow the economy so people don’t give up and vote for other parties.

    Speaking of powers that be or lack of power for First Nations, some one recently advised me that some smaller First Nations villages do not have polling stations set up and the distance to travel or methods of travel to the polling stations are too long and/or difficult. guess that is why Christy Clark and the B.C. Lieberals haven’t been so interested in some First Nations communities, they can’t vote.


  6. I’m not sure if other public servants were offered the same perk, but when they ratified the 2014 contract, it had a paltry wage increase — plus the “Economic Stability Dividend” or ESD. If the economy is doing well, the teachers get a share of that.

    So far, they’ve had a .45% and .35% ESD.

    The BC Liberals can spin their economic success all they want… but they have to pay the teachers more if they do.

    Imagine if the wage increases were inversely proportional to the growth in debt and contractual obligations!

    https://bctf.ca/SalaryAndBenefits.aspx?id=14758 and https://bctf.ca/SalaryAndBenefits.aspx?id=14758


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