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Save BC Hydro from financial ruin

bchg_logo_col [Converted2]• In fiscal year 2006, BC Hydro sold more power to BC’s residential and business consumers than it sold in 2017. Efficiencies in how we use power provide the explanation.

• In fiscal years 2006 & 2007, BC Hydro paid independent power producers (IPPs) $812 million.

• In fiscal years 2016 and 2017, BC Hydro paid IPPs $2,442 million.

• Between the end of FY 2006 and September 2017, BC Hydro’s assets grew by $19.9 billion and the utility added 16% to its internal generating capacity.

Despite no growth in domestic demand and a significant increase in BC Hydro’s internal generating capacity, IPPs were paid ever-increasing prices for delivering escalating quantities of electricity.

This situation defies logic.

Surplus private power resulted in BC Hydro reducing its own low-cost production and/or dumping electricity outside the province at a fraction of its cost. Now, special interests want BC Hydro to build Site C.

Site C is not needed in the foreseeable future. Alternatives are cleaner and cheaper. For example, solar and wind power is being delivered to utilities elsewhere at less than 3¢ per KWh, about 1/3 the expected cost of electricity from Site C.

However, people who benefit by the public spending billions of dollars only care about filling their own pockets. Those same folks are now campaigning to keep the troughs full of public money


The financial and consumption information provided above is taken from reports of BC Hydro but it has not been accurately reported by corporate news publications or broadcasters.

By making a contribution now, you can help spread this information. Using 100% of net proceeds, we’ll purchase social media advertising and get this news out to fellow citizens.

A Go-Fund-Me campaign is available HERE.

Please act immediately. There is little time before government makes a final decision. If we don’t stop Site C, the grandchildren of our children will still be paying.


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  1. Norm, thank you for your common sense.
    Pity that MSM are so ignorant and or lazy to report this scandalous legacy of the previous government


  2. I’ve said it elsewhere, but it bears repeating:
    There is no financial case for continuing with this fiasco. Much has been mad e for a case to utilize the work done to date.
    There is no political case for continuing. It would be the end of the NDP and undoing of Horgan.
    There is a strong environmental case for shutting down NOW!
    There is absolutely no way to avoid a costly confrontation with the Indigenous people should this folly of Christy’s be allowed to proceed.
    There is a huge engineering case against proceeding with this ill thought out fiasco. If the dam doesn’t fail there’s a good chance the reservoir will fill up with mud.
    BUT, stranger things have happened in the land of the midnight sun. Trump may pull the trigger and all our angst will be naught. But what a horrible way to end this project.
    SHUT ‘ER DOWN JOHN! Just shut ‘er down.


  3. I mentioned on the tyee comments a few days ago that I am amazed at how BC Hydro is trying to push site C through! BCH is supposed to be a crown corporation/public utility. They should have no interest in her than doing as directed, in the best interest of the ratepayers and public in general. They are acting like a private enterprise using public money! Where and how did this happen? How could it happen? Something is so rotton!


  4. Maybe if you provided something to back yup all your claims, this would be believable instead of a sensationalized article asking for donations.


    • You’re a fool. The evidence of what I write here is available to anyone who bothers to read BC Hydro’s annual and quarterly reports. Not a single credible person has come forward to challenge my writing about BC Hydro. While speaking on CKNW a few months ago, the current Premier of the province applauded my work. He said in Victoria in November 2017 that BC Hydro and government needed to address the costly IPP problem.

      I have spreadsheets that summarize sales and other financial data at BC Hydro back to 1970, sources of supply back to 1986 along with countless other documents issued by the provincial utility.

      The truth may make you uncomfortable but it remains the truth.


    • PN, are you saying you haven’t yet looked at the years of Hydro material that Norm has amassed at this site?

      I suggest you take a look before you speak further.


    • @ProofNeeded:
      Maybe if you provided specific observations of the problems you have with Norm’s data and what exactly you need to complete your analysis, your comment would have a scent of credibilty. As it stands it’s worthless as a meaningful contribution to adult discussion of a serious issue of public interest.


  5. PN… eyes wide open yet so blind?
    Was on our way back from a drive up the Dempster Highway in September and stopped in at the new view area to have a look at the Site C project. We were met by a security guard in a pickup who appeared to be guarding a paved parking lot with a 10 foot chain link fence with razor wire on the top. Hard to believe that 1.8 billion was spent ( except for the Hilton inspired work camp) to the point it was at when we visited.The proponents of this financial and ecological debacle are pushing the secrecy deceit and intimidation right to the end.
    Horgan and company have to put this thing out of its misery now. Rip off the scab fast…everything will be healed by the next election.


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