Apparently Sweden’s answer is no

Can You Beat COVID-19 Without a Lockdown? Sweden Is Trying, Vanity Fair, April 16, 2020:

Unlike most of the developed world, including neighboring Norway or Denmark, Sweden has kept its elementary schools running and allowed most its businesses, including restaurants and bars, to remain open. Travel in and out of the country remains possible for E.U. nationals. And social distancing remains, for the most part, voluntary, provided the group in question has fewer than 50 people. In short, Sweden has refused to join the rest of us in a lockdown.

Updated April 20

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  1. Covid-19 has been termed the “Boomer Remover” because it is deadly to the elderly, especially if they suffer from other ailments.

    What we are seeing now, with over 41,000 deaths in the USA, is that it is the poor and non-white remover, as the wealthier, mainly white class of people have the money for medical care and proper nutrition.

    What I see Trump and his GOP thugs doing is a sort of ethnic cleansing of the undesirables, those who live in poverty and non-white families.

    Trump and his vile horde has discovered a new form of Apartheid, based on wealth and ethnicity as one does not need concentration camps or gas chambers, rather just a malnourished, poverty stricken population and a nasty virus, covid-19, to do your dirty work.

    Welcome to our brave new world.

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  2. I suspect Evil may be right. After all, consider who has the emperor’s ear – Peter Navarro, Stephen Miller and Pence.


  3. Sweden, British Columbia, Alberta, the US of A, the really out of touch governments. I wonder if Sweden unlike BC actually enforces the 50 people maximums.


  4. Just look at the sick stuff going on in the States, concerning protests against the Health orders, distancing and all that. The worst thing is watching many crazies, going crazy treating the nurses and front line health people like crap for standing against the insanity. And where is that pig president to tell people to have some decency and respect. Nowhere, because that POS is part of it and all for it. That piece of tird bastard is the main cause of the dangerous divided society. What a powder keg down there, ready to explode.


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