Too soon M. Legault

François Legault prepares Quebecers for a gradual end to lockdown, Montreal Gazette, April 21, 2020:

Premier François Legault has started to prepare Quebecers mentally for the gradual lifting of the province’s lockdown, including the likelihood of reopening schools and daycares before the summer…

Some believe that Quebec is more vulnerable to Covid-19 deaths because its population has larger numbers of vulnerable seniors. Statistics Canada data suggests that can only be a small factor.

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  1. I believe that a correlation between Covid-19 deaths and prevalence of smoking or vaping will emerge. Its harder to fight a lung virus when your lungs are compromised.


  2. When the first reports started coming out of Whuan regarding who lived and died, from the virus, men died more frequently . Men in China smoke way more than women. For those of us who smoked a lot, our lungs have sustained damage–yes they put me through the hoola hoop at the hospital and there is damage to my lungs. If people in Quebec smoke more than in other provinces, they may have a higher death rate.

    On the other hand, Germans didn’t die at as high a rate as other europeans when they had COVID 19. Haven’t hear why. The sibling suggested its the German beer. O.K. works for most of the world then. However, it may also be their superior health care system and just plain old genetics.

    I think the Premier of Quebec ought to put it off for a few more weeks. If he gets this wrong, he’s gone in the next election.

    The province is still dealing with all the cases in the care homes. they had to call in the military, so having that going on and then a second onslaught, not a great move.

    Perhaps he ought to have a read of how N.Z. has done things. Perhaps that is what it is, N.Z. has a female P.M. and Germany has a female Chancellor. Perhaps the reason the Americans are doing so poorly is they have a male dominated government. O.K. its a thought now stop laughing.


  3. I seem to recall Legault stating that protecting seniors is top priority. Well now, how has that worked out so far, for the droves of victims and their families. Negligent government leadership right from the beginning. Federal and provincial, right across Canada.


  4. I will say this, about the way i feel toward our government officials, and yes, that includes health officials, and how they handled the seniors home situation. They didn’t get on top of all the said issues in the beginning that enabled the spread. They could not have learned anything from the past, they could not have even learned about the precautionary principle. I feel they are grossly negligent and are responsible for a much much higher death count and sorrow. I don’t blame in any way those regular under paid and even stressed workers in the homes that are in an stressful and sad position. If one of those poor unfortunate seniors were one of my parents I would be even angrier. I feel the seniors and their loved ones were let down so badly.
    How could the our Health Authority, Health Officer,Health Minister,and even the seniors home owners and management miss the necessary precautions together that needed to be implemented in the beginning of the virus showing up here. Sorry but I don’t take the easy suck holing side and go easy over for hero worship of government officials when their despicable handling of this got a whole lot more people killed. This goes right across Canada and Trudeau and his people i believe are most responsible because of said reported things they didn’t do in the beginning. That was long ago. That irresponsible pr..k even put the whole health care system, workers and patients in jepoardy by the big PPE Giveaway when the virus was beginning it’s war here. What a useless sack of s..t. All the financial aid for Canadians won’t wash away the shameful negligence and tragic consequences, because of it.
    Anyhow, it does look like there is worse and a hell of a lot of high negligence and slow reacting and bad leadership in other countries around the world. We only have too look at the madness to our south.

    But anyways, I reserve the hero title only for the courageous first responders, frontline workers, essential workers, and all the in between’s who are making doing the brave fight.


  5. A really interesting watch and study and maybe food for thought regarding a look at another side to this pandemic and possible wrong doing and down right criminality against humanity. Just another side of things to look at for people to make their own conclusion involving the possibility of a real whistle blower who seems to come from quite a scientific profession. You only have to google Doctors in Black. I’m not saying believe this or that or not. Just see all sides of things and have your own conclusions. All i can say is nothing shocks me when it comes to evil people involved in evil things and big pharmacy and big profiteering.


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