When a gun is not your tool

Wife Gwen, who’s practised as an RN for over 50 years, said much the same thing as the nurse in this Seattle demonstration.

Perhaps it is time to disarm most of the police and assign nurses to train police officers in de-escalation techniques.

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  1. Excellent! I am sure the nurses don’t have to beat people, throw them to the ground, put a knee on a neck or put them in a choke hold either0
    Police actions need to be put in context- process determines outcome. The outcome, i.e., goal, is to control the unhappy people who have been ravaged by the economic system. To achieve that, the ‘enforcers’ are selected on the basis on them doing what they are told. And ‘excesses’ are condoned because that sends a second message- ‘this is what will happen to you if you do not ‘behave.”

    This ‘enforcement system’ will continue until the laws change and ‘public servants’ become ‘servants to the public.’ That means politicians, lawyers, the rich, police leaders and police are prosecuted the same as another citizen. One can make a good argument that because they are in the public eye, they are an example for others, therefore they need to be held to a higher standard, both legal and moral.

    Many have written about these problems. This is a link to one.

    Police Killings Won’t Stop, Chris Hedges, Truthdig


  2. Some of the police behaviour witnessed in the recent past leaves me thinking the “good cop, bad cop” interrogation technique is probably on the way out. Even if they found a cop willing to play good, the suspect would never believe it.


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