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  1. You got that right, George!
    Now Canada, change the video to Trudeau
    & Morneau and company; Russians, you can replace it with Putin; China, your “government”
    heads; etc, etc, etc.
    Until the the ordinary Joes and Janes realize that a unified movement is all that will bring a halt to what’s happening, the rape will continue, much to the benefit of the makers of Prep h.


    • No, not just Trudeau and Morneau, but also a long line of predecessors and successors and opposition. Likewise in Russia, China, and anywhere else.

      We’ll never fix it, but we can make it better.


    • Profanity is a poor substitute for wit, used by people who don’t know the difference and lack the latter … but I have to agree with you in this case.


  2. It is very sad that we only hear the truth from comedians today. George is gone but there are others like Jimmy Dore and Andrew Schulz.


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