Horgan, John

R.I.P. NDP principles

In BC Blasted for Joining Ontario’s Fight to Limit Rights of Municipal Voters, Andrew MacLeod of The Tyee reported that John Horgan had become an ally of Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Margot Young, a professor in the Allard School of Law at UBC said Premier John Horgan’s actions seem to contradict the NDP’s political perspective.

The B.C. government’s position relies on an “extremely regressive” reading of the Constitution of Canada, said Martha Jackman, a professor of constitutional law at University of Ottawa who has also taught at the University of British Columbia and at the University of Victoria.

“I’m disappointed to see a social democratic government proposing the same very regressive, conservative and narrow reading of Charter rights,” Jackman said.

We are not surprised. Shortly after June 30, 2017, John Horgan revealed his true self and buried BC NDP political perspectives alongside its principles. He is duplicating BC Liberal policies in important matters:

  • BC Hydro mismanagement,
  • Fossil fuel subsidies and promotion,
  • Old growth forest destruction,
  • Environmental failures,
  • Partisan government advertising,
  • Lucrative contracts for party supporters,
  • Failure to document public business,
  • Restraints on Freedom of Information,
  • Disregard for transparency and accountability.

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  1. Thanks for a very succinct article, Norm. We in BC have to take your cue and begin a thorough exploration and discussion of this problem. Andrew MacLeod did an amazing article about how Horgan has rolled over Clark appointees into his government. This TYEE article from a few years back is informative.

    Horgan and his crew of cabinet ministers are holding a bizarre point of view that the BC Securities Commission and the Province Court do not ‘share jurisdiction’ which in effect means that rulings from a Provincial Court Judge on how SRO self regulation must be practiced by the banking and investment industry may be ignored by the BC Securities Commission and they can continue to pretend that everything is lawful and good faith, and they can continue to call IIROC the enforcer of standards – despite the academic review showing IIROC and SRO self regulation are not viable in Canada.

    Your article needs to be a starting point on a wide common front of analysis from many sectors of BC society.


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