BC Hydro

Unchecked commercial fraud

My charts provide prima facie evidence.

False demand forecasts have long been produced by BC Hydro. UBC graduate student Heidi Erika Missler wrote about this in 1984. She concluded that before projects are approved,

An organization not connected to the proponent should forecast the electricity demand growth rate in the future.

These are taken from Ms. Missler’s thesis:

Corporate media can’t be bothered to report what is happening at BC Hydro. Facts are readily available; they’re just not examined. The reason why was explained by the organization Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR):

Independent, aggressive and critical media are essential to an informed democracy. But mainstream media are increasingly cozy with the economic and political powers they should be watchdogging.

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  1. We underestimate how poor policy exacerbates the downward death spiral of BC Hydro.

    Too many employees within the crown corp do not understand the fundamental math behind utility rates, demand elasticity and economic forecasts.

    There are enough experts issuing warnings to BCH and providing the completed math problems that they have no excuse for not course correcting. Thus does look like willful negligence.

    Looks like the BCUC might have do some more hand holding before BC Hydro learns to walk on its own again.


  2. Hi Norm; Great article as always.

    The citizens of BC and customers of BC Hydro have been shielded from knowing what you and others are writing about.

    In 2011 the BC Law Institute published a paper on the “unfairness” of BC contract law. In a few words , BC citizens were lied to by non-disclosure of facts.

    I tried several times to engage our MLAs in conversation about this report and its recommendations as to corrective legislation, but none would engage or respond. The Whips prevailed.

    This contractual unfairness exists today and is why the population remains ignorent of just how badly they have and are being mistreated financially .


  3. I am still surprised by how many people are ignorant about our whole electrical system in general. Very few even know what we pay per KWh, never mind what it was a decade ago. Run of the Rivers, naw, heard of it, but no clue. I keep hearing though, that we’ll have brown-outs when everyone plugs in their EV’s if we don’t have Site C. Maybe BC Hydro’s and Horgan’s tactics is based on the general publics ignorance and cross their fingers that public will remain ignorant. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups: George Carlin. My quote to you Norm is: Don’t let the bastards get you down.

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  4. As always Norm, you nailed it. Ever since 2011 when the BC Law Institute published its report on the “unfairness” of BC Contract Law, complete with correcting suggested legislation I have tried to get MLAs interested and in conversation.

    The only ones who took the time to know about this major legislative shortcoming were the BC Greens.

    What this report told everyone is exactly the same your blog says, BC citizens are being cheated by BC Hydro and there is public suppression of this knowledge


  5. My post went through this morning, waiting for conformation, although the post is showing on the blog site.


  6. Criminal Code:
    400 (1) Every person is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years or is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction who makes, circulates or publishes a prospectus, a statement or an account, whether written or oral, that they know is false in a material particular, with intent
    * (a) to induce persons, whether ascertained or not, to become shareholders or partners in a company,
    * (b) to deceive or defraud the members, shareholders or creditors, whether ascertained or not, of a company, or
    * (c) to induce any person to
    * (i) entrust or advance anything to a company, or
    * (ii) enter into any security for the benefit of a company.

    I submit that were BC Hydro not a Crown corporation, its directors would be liable to prosecution. Twenty years ago a claim of ignorance may have been open to them, but that door closed at least ten years ago. They cannot at this point credibly claim they do not know their demand forecasts are and have been false.

    In fact, reading through the wording and application of 400(1)(c)(i) I’m not sure they aren’t now liable. Notwithstanding the reality that the induced Mr. Horgan seems wilfully happy to lie down and let them rub his belly.


  7. Speaking of media cozying up to economic powers and political powers instead of watchdogging them. That would be Global. I’ve heard as some of you may have on seen TV and Radio a broadcaster/ so called journalist doing propaganda advertising and helping sell the BC GAS platform and why we need it and how great it is.
    Can’t miss her. She comes on often between shows and on Global News right in your face Hint. She does the morning NW show. It blew me away this is exactly what were talking about media in with the corporations and government. As much as I’m not surprised it is shameful. It’s so brazen to show oneself right in front of the TV audience as a media journalist figure and do that. It was quite astounding the first time I seen it. How better an example of what we are actually talking about is there. My wife even said What the Hell !!


  8. Step right up folks. Read all about it. Media people selling themselves out and the public !! Step right up now. Read all about it.


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