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Extreme weather events in the summer of 2021 illustrates the dangers that lies ahead as climate change worsens. Earthjustice.org points a finger at the fossil fuel industries:

Over the past century, massive increases in carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gas emissions have caused the temperature on our planet to rise. That spike in global temperatures is fueling climate disasters that will only get worse unless we take action. Experts say we have a decade to avoid climate catastrophe.

National Geographic reported on wild weather:

Torrential hurricanes, devastating droughts, crippling ice storms, and raging heat waves—all are extreme weather phenomena that can claim lives and cause untold damage. Climate change influences severe weather by causing longer droughts and higher temperatures in some regions and more intense deluges in others, say climate experts. Among the most vulnerable are communities in exposed mountain and coastal regions. In those settings worldwide, citizens are adjusting to new weather realities by strengthening warning, shelter, and protection systems.

To the vast majority of climate scientists, the issue is settled: existential danger is real and imminent. Carbon emissions must be reduced.

But that science is not accepted in British Columbia. BC NDP promises “environmentally responsible development of BC’s energy resources” and while that sounds reasonable, BC’s Public Accounts reveals the real plan. John Horgan’s government is accelerating promotion of fossil fuels with increasing subsidies.

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  1. So 2007-2011 Adjusted revenue of 12 billion in 2021 dollars.
    and 2017-2021 251 million revenue.
    So the Liberals and now the NDP allowed the housing market to go insane so they could get the Property Transfer Tax to make up for the gift to their donors of billions and billions a year.
    Plus the carbon tax is going up even though Corporate Emissions don’t count towards BCs total emissions somehow. You know … for the enviroment.


  2. And Norm hasn’t even mentioned (here) that the volume of gas extracted is much higher than in Gordon Campbell’s day… at lower and lower value per unit.

    I know we need natural gas for in-province commercial and residential purposes — but other than that: why are we allowing a money-losing activity?

    Water is virtually given away to water-bottling companies… but at least we aren’t PAYING them to take the water.

    To be totally fair, it would be useful to know the wages paid to all oil & gas workers and suppliers… and what they pay in provincial taxes.


  3. On another note: it isn’t just the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. If we would be more thoughtful in our building materials, we could make a big difference in absorbed solar energy that contributes to heat islands in cities. Maintaining urban trees is also important.

    I recently bought a gun-style digital thermometer and have taken readings of various things on our hot days.

    Dark car, compared to a silver car: 20+ ºC degrees warmer.

    White lines on asphalt pavement: ~ 5 degrees cooler than the adjacent blacktop.

    Green (watered daily) soccer field grass: 27º when the air temp was 38º at 4 p.m. Pavement: 56º. Artificial soccer field: 61º C.

    Do we REALLY need black roofing materials? How about a rebate for choosing grey or other light colours? Much on roof colours here: https://thefifthestate.com.au/innovation/design/cool-roofs-versus-dark-roofs-special-report/


  4. Oh it is so difficult to find polite remarks for a discussion about BC Government accounting and reporting.. In 2016 BC Hydro changed from reporting using an “Annual Report” to a ‘Service Plan’.
    BC Legislation states that all Crown Corporations must deliver a Annual Report every year.

    The reason for the change that involves being excused by the Lt. GG has never been given but I suspect it is because an Annual Report carries legal accountability for those who must sign whereas the Service Plan exempts them for legal liabilities.

    In her Auditor General’s Comments of Feb. 2017 Carol wrote that “This year we found that only 34 of government’s 142 financial statements were both prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and RECEIVED A CLEAN AUDIT OPINION.”

    She went on to write , page 46 , “Concerns with financial statements raised by independent auditors should be rare, yet a large number of government organizations receive compliance or modified audit reports (see Exhibit 11 ).”

    Does anyone think that the new AG’s March announcement, that a new set of accounting standards , starting March 1, 2022 , will make a difference to the amoral folks who prefer not to report on the public’s financial affairs correctly?



  5. Out of curiousity, what has the massive amounts of TWO world wars, fire power, atomic bombs, contributed to greenhouse gases? Its not like the damage to the land didn’t leave our atmosphere, the air we breathe, plants too, in pristine conditions. Has Earth recovered to prewar days? Can we truly blame cars, alone, for our current situation?

    ‘Over the past century, massive increases in carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gas emissions have caused the temperature on our planet to rise.’


  6. NVG , what are to trying to do. Kick the can down the road is the universal bailout.

    I tried working for ICAO and in the interests of valid conversations my report on the aviation needs of Central and South America was edited down to almost worthless.

    At that time their fleet of heavies was to be made redundant because the US made a rule that the B 707s and DC 8 would be deemed too polluting to operate into Florida/US.

    Do you really think this was not being done in the interests of Boeing and Douglas?

    My using this story from my life is to illustrate the kind of forces one come up against where logical conversation is ideal but many folks do not want to go there .

    Cheers , Erik


  7. CNN webpage main headlines today at noon our time:

    1. Dire Consequences for Life on Earth.
    2. A crucial ocean circulation is showing signs of instability. It’s shutdown would have serious effects on our weather.
    3. California power plant forced to shut down as water levels fall at Lake Oroville.
    4. Not far south of California’s largest active fire, another blaze is growing.
    5. One of Utah’s unique national treasures is disappearing. ( Great Salt Lake)
    6. Summer smoke might be the new normal in Colorado.
    7. In Photos: Europe battles wildfires amid scorching heatwaves.

    Here in BC, the entire village of Lytton is gone, and last night people in Monte Creek were literally running for their lives from the White Rock Lake wildfire, with more homes added to the lost column.

    Lots of MSM reporting on the effect. What’s sorely and immediately needed is much more on the cause. With names attached.


  8. Saw the head line. Not happy. Subsidies for corporations is out of the question. Its a waste of money. If a company can not make it on its own it needs to either get out of business or find a better business model. Subsidizing fossil fuels does not make me happy. On the other hand, we simply can’t vote for the B.C. Lieberals so what to do? There is nothing in it for us, the citizens of B.C. to subsidize these corporations. It would be better to simply send cheques to the workers and let them go and have a good life. Subsidies to fossil fuel companies. omg, most of them aren’t even Canadian. The last time I checked we had a real problem in B.C. with affordable housing for working people. Horgan might want to put those subsidies to work there or hire more hospital staff.
    I’ve never complained about paying taxes, as that american once said, its buys me civilization. Anyhow you have to make it to pay it. But to have my tax dollar subsidize fossil fuel corporations while we are on fire along with Greece, USA. Turkey, Siberia, yikes


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