Laws of Karma

We have seen a steady stream of news reports about science deniers resisting measures to prevent the spread of a deadly virus. That disease is reported to have killed 4.3 million and may have killed millions more. For some reckless recusants, resistance ended badly.

Reading the report of one noxious Florida shock-talker dying of the virus he minimized, I began to think about karma, a concept taught by a number of Asian religions.

The law of karma refers to the law of cause and effect: that every volitional act brings about a certain result. If we act motivated by greed, hatred, or delusion, we are planting the seed of suffering; when our acts are motivated by generosity, love, or wisdom, then we are creating the karmic conditions for abundance and happiness.

Cause and Effect — reflecting on the law of karma

My response came from a shallow understanding of the concept. The web provides plenty of useful expositions for those interested in exploring the subject, but this provides a precis of 12 rules of karma.

  • Cause and Effect
    • Whatever thoughts or energy you put out, you get back — good or bad.
  • Creation
    • To make things happen, you need to act.
  • Humility
    • Be humble enough to accept your current reality is the result of your past actions.
  • Growth
    • Personal growth begins with what you can control, which is yourself.
  • Responsibility
    • You own what happens to you.
  • Connection
    • Everything in your life, including your past, present, and future, are connected.
  • Focus
    • Concentrate on one thing at a time.
  • Giving and Hospitality
    • Give to things you believe in. Cultivate peace for others.
  • Here and Now
    • Embrace the present.
  • Change
    • Change provides a path to a better version of yourself.
  • Patience and Reward
    • To realize goals, be consistent.
  • Significance and Inspiration
    • Every unique contribution you make may affect the world.

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  1. It might be karma that these COVID deniers die of COVID, it could also just be they were stupid. It was their stupidity which caused them to die. some may say it is fitting because they may have caused others to die because what they spewed.

    in my opinion, its simply “culling the herd”. Yes, some times what goes around, comes around, but usually it doesn’t. You could say, they did it to themselves, but some news reports have advised the origins of the anti vaccine pushers, the covid deniers, etc. are about a dozen people/organizations. One could say, they started the b.s. and others believed it and as a result, died. Many people living today do not know about polio, small pox and the deaths they resulted in.

    It does make me wonder why people lined up for polio shots when they came and not so much for COVID. It could be more media attention, more sources of information, etc.

    At least non of them will be reproducing or spewing their ignorance.s


  2. Besides the Covid deniers, conspiracy thinkers and wing nuts in general, there are many who are sorely lacking in common sense and responsible thinking by giving up mask wearing at in indoor settings where crowding in constricted areas or large crowds are present. They are not thinking about each others kids under 12 especially, whom are not vaccinated. The variants and possibly more coming is a part of this creatures behavior as with other viruses, trying to find a new pool of hosts to sustain itself. I even listen to fools who say their vaccinated, so I’m okay. How selfish and lacking of brains. This is so simple. You can still pass it around. Bonnie Henry and incompetent company have of course enabled stupid behavior to once again flourish. Selfish common sense lacking adults only thinking about themselves. No discussion even here about the children and their susceptibility to this monster. OR ANY BLOGS, MEDIA , RADIO Press, etc . What the hell. Losing trust the so called adult supposed to set examples forums. What bullshit.


  3. Just thought to add this. I wonder how many people who talk about all the other fools out there are being and jumping on elevators and gathering in groups and constricted situations without masks, when each others families and little ones who can’t be vaccinated yet. I see the careless behavior all the time now. So called adults huh. Yeah right.


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