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Lie like a rug

If the Liberal’s promises of HST rate reductions influence your vote, consider past announcments of this government: NEWS RELEASEFor Immediate Release2010PREM0193-001340Oct. 27, 2010Office of the PremierPREMIER ANNOUNCES TAX RELIEF FOR BRITISH COLUMBIANSVICTORIA […]

Real journalism is . . .

Amy Goodman, founder, host and executive producer of DemocracyNow!, was co-recipient of the inaugural Izzy Award for outstanding achievement in independent media. The accolade memorializes I.F. Stone (1907-1989), a titan of 20th […]

Sleaze rules in BC

RE: Sean Holman’s Public Eye:   Lines of defence prepared for Hochstein appointment Comment by Warren White of Victoria, sent also to MSM pundits: Palmer, Hall, Good, Bailey, etc. “FYI – the email […]

Dear Colin . . .

A valued member of our little blog community, reader Warren White of Victoria, wrote this letter to Colin Hansen. Like others, Warren is out of patience with unprincipled politicians and the corporate […]

Oh, the horror!

Wow, the BC Liberal Government and ideologues in Canada’s newspaper salespaper industry sure think we are stupid. Wednesday, Elections BC announced the question to be voted upon in British Columbia: “Are you […]

Open, democratic and civil debate, for whom?

To have an open, democratic and civil discussion, all citizens must have a voice and a platform. The mainstream media in this province knows little about open discussions. I tried to engage the Editorial Pages Editor in correspondence, asking Vancouver Sun to open the Op-Ed page to people with ideas that occasionally stray from the newspaper’s agenda. Mihlar had not the courtesy to respond. So how do opponents of mainstream concepts participate in open, democratic and civil debates?

Piling on

From Michael Smyth in The Province: Colin Hansen revealed to reporters this week that the government spent $780,000 on pro-HST brochures that will now be fed into a paper shredder instead of […]

An HST scenario

Georgia Straight’s Charlie Smith poses the possibility that Colin Hansen was excluded from HST decision making and unaware the Premier had set the policy in motion through Graham Whitmarsh, Campbell’s 2009 appointee as […]