Police still investigating police misconduct

CBC News posted a report of an incident where an apparently drunk man is assaulted by police officers, an incident partly captured on video. Footage shows one or two officers striking a man who is restrained by other officers. Afterwards, police accused the man of spitting although that is not apparent on the video. Clearly though, unnecessary violence was used on the man.

VPD referred the matter to former VPD Deputy Chief Bob Rich’s friendly Abbotsford Police Department.

I think the CBC News headline should be something like:

“Officers’ assault leads to police investigation.”

Instead, we got this:

On the video, spitting is uncertain but a violent attack on a restrained man is certain. Too bad the VPD can’t afford spit-masks, they’re commonly used in corrections.

Global News provides an excellent quote from David Eby, Executive Director of BC Civil Liberties Association,

“I can assure you that the only reason that this has gone to Abbotsford for investigation is because there is tape of the incident. Unfortunately, we are still in a situation where police are still investigating themselves. Even if this goes to Abbotsford, there are lots of close links between VPD and Abbotsford, but eventually we hope the province will be bringing an independent investigation office to do this kind of high-profile investigations.”

One is left to wonder why, with years of clear evidence that police investigating police is unsatisfactory, it still carries on in this province. Former appeal court judge Thomas Braidwood, although speaking after RCMP tasered an 11 year-old child, also described this situation succinctly,

“The most significant and important weapon the arsenal of any police force is public support, and the way to get public support is to have an independent body investigate situations like that,”

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  1. The police get to wear the 'good guy' label, earned or not. This is how they get away with anything and everything. Justice is measured by us all and when it is breached, this common, unspoken fine line…well you know.


  2. What about the politicians, who break the law. All they need is, a special prosecutor, to get away with their crimes, of theft and corruption.

    Even look at, Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR trial. A corrupt court, corrupt judge, brain dead witnesses and all. How many times have the police got away with their crimes? The corrupt judicial system, can even get them off for murder.

    There are no morals or ethics in this province. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. I doubt, there is a state in the U.S. as corrupt as BC.

    Harper assisted Campbell, to foul and dirty BC. Canada;s good name, has gone long ago, because of Harper.

    The police just have to admit, crime does pay. For certain people that is.


  3. “Eventually” Eby hopes the province “will be bringing an independent investigation office to do this kind of high-profile investigations”?? Nope, not good enough! Far from being a good quote, I find this a rather pathetic preface to the BC-NDP’s new ‘appointed’ [not elected] leadership of David Eby (just that name makes me cringe, as Horgan’s began to long ago) This party is just another bunch of cheats & liars, like the corrupt BC-Liberals before them.. We desperately need BCers to wake up & give t he BCGreens a chance to show how much better BC can be with their stand-up policies & values in place..


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