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  1. Can afford to keep taking $millions from BC public schools to purchase carbon offsets, which the previous Auditor General said were not credible, so that the BC Government can say it is “carbon-neutral”, while it spends $billions on new bridges and expanded highways.


  2. By golly Norm, you really nailed it this time.
    Excellent, EXCELLENT piece.
    This will be going out to everyone on my contact list even though I know most won' be bothered to read it.



  3. So all of the media at the airport hotel are told that the employer is not releasing details of the tentative agreement, that any info would have to come from the BCTF, but the BCTF is Still locked away going over the fine print of the possible deal.
    then baldrey spouts off all the major components of the contract on the noon cast.
    Don't think he scooped the rest of them.
    Hilarious, if it weren't so sickening.


  4. This is the reality. The players who serve the government's interests best are the first to be rewarded with access to “scoops.”

    It's not about digging, it's all about gaining rewards for loyal service. Does it distort the flow of news? You betcha!


  5. The nature of so many things has changed radically in recent years, and sometimes it seem like the more time that passes the more rapidly these changes occur. The majority of the population (and I say this without malice) wasn't aware, or did no take the time to make themselves aware, of how government messaging occurred. And that was when things were much more simple.
    Today we have secrecy, lack of accountability, messaging by PR firms, obfuscation, and on and on it goes.
    Now when folks tune in the nightly news they are being fed loads of manure wrapped up and tied with a bow to look like plum pudding. And people calling themselves “journalists” are the delivery boys ands girls.


  6. All of your tweets should be all the news the next election cycle. But I would bet anyone $1000.00
    all we hear about is the fast ferries and Glen Clark`s deck.


  7. Norm, as always you never let us down with the reality of what projects actually get money in this province, and it isn't pretty, Is Ms. Clark's up coming trip to India value for such tight dollars they keep telling us about,?
    I do relish next new slogan.. like the “affordability zone” that the Libs will come up with next, any Idea of how much the high priced legal team costs to keep dragging these supreme court rulings to further appeal unjust legislation ? what will that cost? remember when the countless comments from the Govt. supporter's 13 odd years ago, that it will hurt for a while but we would be reaping the benefits soon… sometime…um when is that? Is that going to be happening anytime soon? how much did all those (Liberal) MLA's cost us by shutting the doors of their offices during the strike? they should have to reimburse the taxpayer for every day their offices were closed to the public during the lockout/ strike..our in hiding premier finally came out from I imagine the latest photo-op run and patted herself on the back.. thank you for a great eye opening read!. I've posted to pals on social media trying get your messages out


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