Natural Gas

Unaffording the affordable

Some BC politicians are not bright. Either that, or they are thoroughly dishonest. Maybe both.


compare 10 years 520

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These charts reflect cash receipts from auctions of petroleum and natural gas rights and royalties received, less the increase in credits owed producers. The unrecorded balance owed to gas industry participants was $2.16 billion as at March 31, 2017.

The total of credits deducted by or owed to producers for fiscal year 2018 are not yet known, even though we are now in the fourth month of fiscal year 2019. However, Energy Minister Michelle Mungall reported to the BC Legislature that credits owed producers had grown by over $1 billion in the first eight months of fiscal year 2018.

Given the above, can anyone answer Ms. Stilwell’s question, “Where are the $$$’s coming from?”

A related In-Sights article from June 2018:

Fugitive emissions and fugitive revenues

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  1. No wonder the Government had to resort to having the BC Auditor General take over the auditing job of BC Hydro. No independent auditing firm could and can shoulder the risk to their professional status.

    The Government has been and seems still to be financially and economically illiterate, or worse.

    What bothers me the most is that lenders keep ready to lend., but at what future undisclosed cost to BC citizens? The Greeks found out to their horror, maybe it is our turn soon.

    For motive, try reading A. Perkins book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and/or his more recent version but on the same theme.


    • Mr. Perkins’ book is about other countries but sounds an awful lot like what happened to BC. Overstate future power demand, put the victim deep in debt etc.


  2. In today’s politic, big money buys the most stupid of politician, because stupid politicians do as they are told and do not think for themselves.

    Ignorance and stupidity is the hallmark of BC politics and it does not matter, Liberal, NDP, Conservative or Green; money buys the absolute worst people that money can buy!


    Lots of it! Our casino’s would be happy to help you with that – no need to splurge on executive looking carryalls, paper bags are totally acceptable and free!

    However; if you’re looking for a modicum of integrity don’t spend it on a politician of any political stripe here, there are other folks whose time you can buy – and you know what you’re getting for your hard earned cash.

    Yes. I am being civil. And honest.


  4. Norm, I have always loved politics. Watching the various politicians with their motions and reactions. I always thought they had their hearts in the right place, no matter their political party. After 16 years of Liberals I soon realized I needed to look a little deeper. Through various web sites, I discovered it’s not about the people, it’s about them and the people who elected them and the money in their pockets. I resent these politicians receiving my money in the way of pensions for their criminal behaviour. I believed with a new party in power, it would all change. Doesn’t seem that way, especially with Site C. The pursuit of investigation into money laundering. I wonder why we, as everyday citizens continue to pay taxes! Depressing! Yes! Arlene


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