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Norm Farrell

Gwen and I raised three adult children in North Vancouver. Each lives in our community with seven grandchildren, 12 years and younger. I have worked in accounting and financial management and publish IN-SIGHTS.CA with news and commentary about public issuesv.

BC Liberal shame

There are a number of BC Liberal MLAs who should be feeling shame for their actions in the imposition of HST. They truly abdicated their duties as elected representatives. Paul Willcocks reports […]

Get over it

Paul Willcocks authors Paying Attention, an essential read in the blog world. He provides a delicious example of a newspaper employing one standard for political friends and another for opponents. National Post complained that […]

Moore nonsense

My inbox overflows with news reports and links, some to which I subscribe, others forwarded by readers. Stories beneath the headlines I follow with Google alerts and larger pieces present themselves through […]

The Greeks get it

By Chris Hedges at Here’s to the Greeks. They know what to do when corporations pillage and loot their country. hey know what to do when Goldman Sachs and international bankers […]