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Gas production ↑ 85%, public revenue ↓ 90%

Premier Clark averred that meeting needs of children in government care is dependent on new funding from new industrial and commercial activities in British Columbia… That condition was not applied to construction of the Site C dam that will ultimately cost $10-$15 billion. Nor was it applied to about $10 billion of road and bridge construction in the lower mainland or $1 billion spent to deliver subsidized power to Murray Edwards’ Red Chris mine. Nor was it a condition precedent when Clark wanted to expand the size of her cabinet or hire yet more government spin doctors. A $200 million tax break for our richest citizens did not depend on new economic activity.

What gas industry?

What BC gets from natural gas industry in 2015 does not even pay half the cost of Gas Development Ministry. #bcpoli — Norm Farrell (@Norm_Farrell) December 11, 2015 // Numbers from […]

The high life

The posh New York real estate linked to a US investigation of Malaysia’s prime minister, BC Liberal’s new LNG business partner. Malaysia’s prime minister must be feeling the heat. Accused of pocketing […]