Mythbuilding through stenographic journalism

The Globe and Mail, courtesy of Justine Hunter and Ian Bailey, provides a fawning profile of Christy Clark, complete with this unchallenged quote,

“There is a lot of appetite … for a little bit of honesty and straight talk about where we are at, and I think that’s what people expect of me.”

I left a comment similar to this on the Globe and Mail website:

Stenographic journalism at its best.

“After studying French at the Sorbonne, religion at the University of Edinburgh and political science at Simon Fraser University”

Where is the but. . . ? If she visited Cambridge MA and looked at the architecture, would you say she “studied at Harvard?”

Firing Colin Hansen took courage? Would that be the same Colin Hansen who claimed not to know that his officials were negotiating HST, a tax he and his boss counted on for over $20 billion in their four year term? No, Hansen buried himself and his career by being “economical with the truth.” It took no courage to discharge the person who, more than any others, was the face of the Gordon Campbell regime, which fell as low as 8% in the approval ratings before caucus gave him the boot.

Appointing Kevin Falcon to the Finance Ministry made happy  Christy’s top advisor and financial backer Gwyn Morgan, of Encana fame. That ensures giveaways to the super rich continue, like the water being licensed for fracking by gas producers or the roads built at public expense to service the gas fields.

Appetite for honesty? How about answering the Tsakumis documents that prove Clark and her coterie were very much a part of the corrupt sale of BC Rail? Then commission a real inquiry into the whole sordid scandal and cover-up.

And Ms. Hunter and Bailey could find no alternative views of Christy Campbell? Gwynn Morgan, the father of her child and Ian Koenigsfest, the pro-BC Liberal CKNW manager whose employer depends on the provincial government for millions in advertising, are good objective choices?

The Globe and Mail has been consciously pulling punches on its coverage of BC Liberals. They should declare the value of free advertising given the BC Liberals on their news pages, as should the Postmedia papers. This is more illustration of how Canadian democracy is tainted by wealth and media control.

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  1. A more careful reading of the statement, “There is a lot of appetite…for a 'little bit' of straight talk and honesty blah, blah, blah…”.

    That 'little bit' is a long way from “there is a lot of appetite…for straight talk and honesty blah, blah, blah…”

    The second version is 'straighter' than the original quote, which may lead one to conclude that the lying is just getting a little more devious.


  2. What I found even more disturbing than the puff piece itself was the fact that it appeared in the very same edition of the Globe and (nolonger) Empire Mail that had the glutenous pile of obviousness from Gary Mason that really, really wanted to know (honest!) why the Lotuslandian pro-media was so busy fawning over Ms. Clark while they were simultaneously ignoring the NDP Leadership race.




  3. RossK. You are correct about the ghastly work of Gary Mason. I suspect his column is actually intended as an inside joke (wink/wink, nudge/nudge) among his journalist colleagues. It no doubt results in smirks among them when Mason's garbage is put beside the Hunter/Bailey piece.

    These are reasonably sophisticated people too and they will know exactly what they are doing and why. It demonstrates they owe no allegiance to the true principles of journalism. Mason is like Bill Good. Soon to retire, he is prepared to lick the boots of those who make him financially comfortable. You can be sure that Mason earned more from his writer's fee than he does through royalties for the John Furlong book. That job was only available to a safe journalist.


  4. When I first saw the article, I had to laugh. The reporter makes it sound (very careful) that Christy is a scholar of all these establishments. I also wondered if we can look forward to a similar article when the NDP choose their leader ? I highly doubt it. But what made me very sick was is the fact the G&M has had the same story on it's website for 3 days. Enough already.

    Guy in Victoria


  5. I need to rework my own resume. I spent an afternoon at Oxford and visited Cambridge and the Sorbonne as well. I'm thinking of studying at MIT and Yale on my next vacation on the east coast.


  6. THERE is a sign of integrity in the newspaper business…. in Detroit.
    ” The Detroit News' auto critic said Thursday that he resigned because editors demanded that he delete sections of a scathing review of the Chrysler 200, a car promoted in a popular Super Bowl television ad starring rapper Eminem.

    Scott Burgess' original review made it into the newspaper's March 10 print edition. But some of the most critical passages, including Burgess' calling the sedan a “dog,” were removed from the paper's online version.”

    Guy in Victoria


  7. I heard the most amazing comments on the radio this afternoon. I believe it was M. Smyth (I missed the first part) who said that BC journalists were not covering any of the issues that the NDP leadership candidates were discussing. And they most likely would not in the future. And he wasn't too concerned. They will just write some dribble in the future as that is their job. He was not concerned that they are incompetent.
    This is what we have to deal with and I thank you for helping us and dealing with the issues.


  8. Good post, worthy of being on the editorial pages of the Sun and Province. But of course, the papers puppet masters would not have that.

    Fishwrap, that is what our mainstream media has become and why I do not subscribe.

    CKNW is nothing but dead air and I hope their advertisers realize this.

    In fact if one listens to NW, it is nothing but BC government ads – BC Ferries, etc.

    We are living in a most dangerous time, a time of universal deceit and corruption. Too soon it will be our way of life.


  9. Why does Christy Clark, have a Conservative strategist, working for her? Are the BC Liberals and the BC Conservatives, one and the same party? We know Harper and Campbell, have a very close relationship, and are working together on projects. Such as, the expansion of Prosperity Mine. Dirty oil tankers from China, coming into our beautiful coastal seas. And, the drilling of oil and gas wells, off BC's coast. The Site C Dam, to provide the dirty tar sands with water. Sorry Christy, but you won't get the credit, for getting jobs by the Prosperity Mine, that has already been done. We know the back door was left open, so they could reapply for the expansion.

    You are right Evil Eye. If you Google: Harper's plot of, Global Governance for Canada. There is no doubt, huge corporations will be the Global Government. And, people are not going to wake up, until it's far too late. Harper said, Global Governance has been worked on since 1945. Right after, Hitlers plan, for a thousand year Reich, which would have, also governed the entire planet. We are in dangerous times, and Canada is in deadly peril.


  10. I am quite disappointed in the Globe and Mail, and particularly in Mr. Mason's columns. It's grotesque, really. For me, the blatant partisan shilling has really undermined the credibility of the G+M as a news source. Whatever its faults, I used to think of that paper an intelligent read, whether I agreed with it or not. Sadly, this is no longer true. What a shame.


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