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LNG fantasy falters

In an oversupplied market, many LNG projects will struggle to secure buyers. Even if heavily subsidized projects move forward, LNG supply would hit the market at a bad time. Research predicts that the market will remain oversupplied…

große Lüge (Big Lie)

Broad masses …more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie… they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. ….For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.

Province at risk

The hazards of transporting LNG through narrow waterways are generally ignored yet the danger is real, particularly in populated areas, such as the lower Fraser River and Howe Sound. One reason that foreign companies may be attracted to British Columbia is its lax regulatory environment.

Half-prepared for battles of wits

Another publication, Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI), provides detail of the marketplace for LNG. It is now an international exchange much different than the one that first excited the ex-policeman and small town lawyer who thought, with equally ill-equipped assistants, they could negotiate for British Columbia at boardroom tables of giant multinational energy corporations.

Know and ‘No’ to LNG

…To gamble away our world class treasure of a river and the cultural and economic values that are sustained by it for a relatively few short term jobs that will leave us with less than nothing when they end, to give away our birthright to a corporate entity some call the Malaysian Mafia, to imagine that there is anything natural about fracked methane, that thousands of kilometers of pipeline across wilderness will leave streams and rivers and wildlife habitat intact, that massive dredging and construction in the Skeena estuary will have “no significant effect” on salmon and other species, that the earth can somehow afford yet another huge dump of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, or that this will somehow benefit our children and grandchildren, is to live in a dream world.

BC’s intended major LNG partner

130 Canadian and international scientists urged the Trudeau government to reject a recent Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) report that concluded the Petronas-backed Pacific NorthWest LNG project could be built safely for the environment. Joseph Welch’s famous quote could be directed to Rich Coleman: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?

Late for the party – Updated

Though it makes entertaining if financially absurd theatre, unfortunately for BC taxpayers, political grandstanding is irrelevant. It offers zero leverage and has no bearing on whether this effort will be seen later as either a brilliant initiative or a barking mad Ponzi scheme. The argument that pushing massive projects like Site C still is “necessary” [says who? what are the facts?] and the belief that all those other LNG fantasies ever were invaluable to taxpayers now looks more like attempts to pretend that the risk of such investments failing simply doesn’t matter. Like a sinking Titanic the bridge believes it can all be managed. Just Remain Calm.

Andrew Nikiforuk on LNG

In B.C. the government uses propaganda not only to integrate its citizens into its wacky LNG fantasy, but to subsidize foreign companies and pay for unneeded dams and transmission lines at the same time. It is designed to make taxpayers smile while they are being robbed.

Time for action

A reader comment in a preceding article: We all have to be ‘shovel ready’ for the upcoming election and ‘Turf the Liberals’.There will be massive 1%er sponsored support and corporate funded advertorials […]

Recent Twitter activity

LEAKED: Script idea for the year long TV advertising blitz already begun by the BC Liberal Government. #bcpoli — Norm Farrell (@Norm_Farrell) February 26, 2016 // Heading should read “Dishonouring the […]

Gas production ↑ 85%, public revenue ↓ 90%

Premier Clark averred that meeting needs of children in government care is dependent on new funding from new industrial and commercial activities in British Columbia… That condition was not applied to construction of the Site C dam that will ultimately cost $10-$15 billion. Nor was it applied to about $10 billion of road and bridge construction in the lower mainland or $1 billion spent to deliver subsidized power to Murray Edwards’ Red Chris mine. Nor was it a condition precedent when Clark wanted to expand the size of her cabinet or hire yet more government spin doctors. A $200 million tax break for our richest citizens did not depend on new economic activity.

What gas industry?

What BC gets from natural gas industry in 2015 does not even pay half the cost of Gas Development Ministry. #bcpoli — Norm Farrell (@Norm_Farrell) December 11, 2015 // Numbers from […]