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Guts and glory

Title of the final article on Ian Reid‘s website, The Real Story, began with the words: Guts and glory. Of course, he was not writing about himself but those words applied to Ian, along […]

Et tu, Corky?

Rafe Mair puts out a few opinions on leadership candidates. His suggestion of Corky Evans as a possibility is particularly interesting for two reasons. Corky and Rafe spent time together recently and […]

It is what it is

Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer’s Wednesday piece quoted from a leaked transcript of a September conference call involving the NDP’s provincial executive. The politicos were discussing recall strategy, among other things. No wonder […]

Corky Evans departs

Political columnist Charles Campbell said, “It doesn’t matter who gets elected on May 12. The B.C. legislature will be significantly poorer for the absence of Corky Evans.” According to Wikipedia, “Evans is noted for his folksy and homespun yet politically sophisticated oratory.” Speaking during legislative debate on March 12, retiring Evans proved both statements correct: