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Being fracked

Clark’s fracking registry: a fractionary issue, Vanessa Annand, The Martlet, Sep 22, 2011, Volume 64 Issue 7 “…Fracking, a process that allows companies to pump out hard-to-reach deposits of oil and gas […]

Nikiforuk examines Enbridge

Spill Crisis: ‘Whatever, We’re Going Home’, Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee “…damning U.S. regulatory reports portraying Calgary-based Enbridge as a company that ignored safety protocols and warning alarms as well as the recommendations […]

Une artiste qui dérange

Harper government targeted artist for her green conscience, internal documents reveal, Vancouver Observer, June 12, 2012 “Franke James, a Canadian artist and environmental advocate blacklisted by the Harper government, has obtained internal […]

Welcome to Alberta

“Alberta’s expansive wilderness boasts some of the most spectacular scenery and authentic outdoor experiences you can imagine… “With its vast blue skies, magnificent Canadian Rockies, rolling fields of wheat, boreal forests and […]

From Doug Pyper

Hi Friends, I just sent a message to Premier Christy Clark recommending that the Government of British Columbia inform the Government of Canada that the province is now exercising its right, with […]